‘Isabelle’ 2017 [SOLD] acrylic, paper 16" x 20"

close up

original photo

‘Isabelle’ was commissioned as a Christmas gift for her owner and her husband.

A note from Isabelle’s owner:
“Isabelle is the best dog ever. I can’t say "was” yet because I don’t feel she is really gone. I love getting to close my eyes and still smell her and feel her warm belly and wiry fur. She was a particularly intelligent and savvy dog. She had a real sense of presence about her and very knowing eyes. People always commented on her personality. Two of my closest friends who are not “dog people” said that Isabelle made them like dogs. She was one of those dogs that is more like a person in many ways."

Post reaction: “We love it! We opened it for Christmas and it was so special. Thank you so much, Daria!”