‘Arnie’ 2016 [SOLD]

original photo

Arnie is a Chihuahua/Wiener (“Chi-weenie”) mix rescue dog.

A Message from Arnie’s Owner:
“Arnie loves to snuggle. We call him ‘Cuddlebug’ and ‘Vice President of Everything’. He likes to bury himself in work and by work we mean blankets. He also can’t say no to an adventure and will literally crawl into any bag knowing it’ll take him somewhere amazing.”
-Jamie & Jeremiah J., Texas

“We absolutely love the portrait of our Chiweenie, Arnie. It’s whimsical yet lifelike. We constantly get compliments on it and have it hanging with our other family portraits on the wall above the stairs in our home. Daria is absolutely amazing at her trade. We would 100% hire her again to do another per portrait. She’s very professional and easy to work with.”
-Jamie & Jeremiah J., Texas